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 Suggestions :)

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PostSubject: Suggestions :)   Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:53 am

Hi i'm a fairly new player and I had some issues with pvm-minigames,
Following problems I encountered + possible solution?

Barrows: when getting 5 kc, the 6th chest doesn't say: enter tunnel but it says:
Open slayer shop:
Open combat shop:
Possible solutions: Barrows on top of hill? Fix the tunnels and chest opening system?

Almost no bosses: I tried to look around for steel dragons and iron dragons... nope nothing?
Suggestion: add brimhaven or taverly dungeon?

Skilling issue: when crafting there are only 50 dragonstones in the shop :/ makes crafting a very hard skill to train.
Suggsetion: add 2,5k to the shop like the fletching shop? Smile

I'm pretty sure now people know these little things, they will be fixed soon Smile thanks Smile
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Suggestions :)
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